Wednesday, 17 April 2013

How to Extend Your Router Range

You know what it’s like; the router is set up on the windowsill in your living room, but you’re upstairs on the toilet reading your iPad. Or at least you wanted to read your iPad. Unluckily for you, the range of your hub is so small it won’t cover you in the bathroom. If this is an issue for you, you might want to try a signal booster and see if that helps.

There are a number of solutions available to you, each varying in the technical prowess needed.

One way to extend the range is to use a wireless repeater, something like this product on Amazon. This has been tested by users and has been found to be an effective solution in their circumstances.

Now, it is extremely important that you use a universal repeater, even if you don’t go for the product I have linked. Normal repeaters will definitely not work on later models of the BT home hub. Don’t buy a repeater unless it is universal.

Another solution that some users have had success with is to use your mains power to take the Ethernet signal from one of the ports on the router to another point somewhere else in your house. Next, you connect your computer to the Ethernet port on the second power line adapter.

Neither of these are 100% fool proof, but neither are very expensive either. If you’re having problems with the range of your router then give them a try, I would love to know how they work for you. If you have any solutions of your own that solved the problem then drop me a line and I will edit this post to include them.

How to Reset my Home Hub Password

The default password on your home hub is so basic that a child could figure it out, so you might want to change it. It’s good security to practice to change your passwords every so often and also to make them difficult for anybody to guess.If you want to change yours, here’s what you need to do:

1) Log in to your router settings (ip

2) Go to the settings page

3) Choose “Admin Password”

4) Next you will need to enter your old password

5) Choose a new password. Make sure it is secure, memorable but it is not something someone would figure out. Life hacker have a good article on picking passwords here.

6) Confirm this by clicking the change password button

This is an easy process and it should go through without any issues at all as long as you follow the steps. You will need to have your log in details handy because obviously you won’t be able to access your router or change details without it. If you have any problems with the guide just let me know and I’ll see if there are any other solutions for you.

For more help accessing the bt home hub, go here for the guide I have written on it.

BT Home Hub Set Up Tips

The routers that come with your British Telecom internet package are pretty easy to set up, even though to some technophobes the dark box and its mass of wires might look daunting. Each home hub has a similar installation, with only minor differences through the versions (the hub versions go from 1.0 all the way up to 3).

BT have made things easy for you and collected the set up instructions in two forms: One is the set-up CD that comes with your router; the second are the home hub manuals, which you can find here.

Set-up Instructions:
If the instructions BT supplied have failed you, here is a handy guide to getting your router started and getting yourself on the net. I’m conscious that without internet access a lot of you might be looking at this using the 3G on your phones. I’ll keep things brief:

1) Plug one of the supplied filters into your phone line

2) Insert the broadband lead into the broadband slot on your hub and then into the ADSL fitting on the filter.

3) Get some power to your hub – use the adapter to plug it into your mains.

4) Use the CD that BT have supplied to install the router software

5) Connect an Ethernet lead from the port on your pc to the Ethernet port on your hub.

6) You should be good to go!

This covers everything. If your installation hasn’t worked I’d encourage you to go back over the steps and see if there is something you have missed. If it looks like you’ve done everything as you should, contact BT and see if they can help.